Your Cup Holder Can Have Its Old Job Back.

MobiValet FAQs - MobiQuestions

Where do you place the MobiValet holder?

The holder is placed on the left sidewall of the console area (see our image gallery). You can also place in other locations so long as the holder is mounted in a horizontal position. However, it is important to remember the purpose of this holder is to place it in a position that offers the greatest value for “ease of access” while driving.

How does the MobiValet holder stay on the console?

We use temperature resistant acrylic adhesive for use in automobiles.

Once the MobiValet holder is attached to the console, how does it look?

This was one of the key details in the design process. Since we “embed” the male hook on the back of the holder, once it’s attached to the sidewall of the console, the holder is “flush” with the sidewall eliminating any generic look you would come to expect from other hook & loop applications.

Can I plug my charger in while in the holder?

Absolutely! This is one of our unique design features. We lowered both side walls so that the majority of smartphones can be inserted into the holder WITHOUT having to first unplug the AC power charger! Therefore, even while you are charging your mobile phone, you can still have the same quick grab and quick return of your mobile phone without any additional functionality required!

If I have to remove the adhesive, will it leave a "residue" on my console?

No. We use a specially designed acrylic adhesive with a specific application for use in automobiles. There is NO residue upon removal of the adhesive.

If I wish to move the holder to a different vehicle, how do I get more adhesive?

Since the male “hook” is embedded into the holder, you will need to only purchase the “female loop” adhesive. We use acrylic adhesive when attaching to the console. You can purchase this here.

Why would I choose the MobiValet Holder over a universal mount?

This is one of the key reasons why we chose our design. Universal mounts are bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing for the interior of the vehicle. In some cases, universal mounts such as “window” mounts can actually block your view while driving which can be very dangerous. The concept behind our design was to place the holder in a position that is easily accessible with a “custom look” for your console – Just like the cup holder!

Who would use the MobiValet holder?

Anyone with a smartphone who drives a vehicle. The MobiValet is the "cup holder" for your mobile phone!

Can the holder be used in the home?

Yes, but the specific application is designed for use with the automobile. The design has a "hook & loop" on the backside so that it can be mounted to a vertical flat surface.